Low Brass Specialist

Isac Sanchez’s musical career started his Sophomore year of high school. New to the Euphonium, he was dedicated to learning the instrument. Since then he has worked hard to hone his playing and musical abilities. During his Senior Year of High School, he marched as a member of Phenom SoundSport 2018. He continued on to study music at GCC from 2018-2021 being principal chair Euphonium for the majority of his time there. Later receiving his Associates Degree in the Arts. During his time at GCC, he earned the band award every semester and received best jury award two times in a row. After GCC, he auditioned for the ASU School of Music and after getting accepted, he received the Music Talent Award. He is currently completing his undergrad for Music Education. He teaches brass lessons with the Rhapsody School of Music and taught at Trevor G. Browne High School as brass instructional staff.